About Us

COV is a cutting edge salon dedicated to raw simplicity and originality, constantly driven by people and their beautiful varieties. Nestled in the sweet streets of Mosman and Surry Hills, COV is the living vision of french native and passionate entrepreneur, Yoav Cohen. Originally hailing from the blue shores of Marseille, Cohen came to Sydney eight years ago, armed with European groove and a concrete commitment to breathe new life into Australia’s hair industry.

Ever since he established COV in 2014, Yoav, and his killer team have stayed true to his core ethos, consistently creating quality no fuss hair that’s all about the individual, exactly as they are.

COV cuts the bullshit, often pretty literally. Smooth homogeny, chemical trends and pimped out hair just don’t fly here, instead, we pursue the un-done, endlessly seeking out new innovation and forms of creativity. We understand hair to be so much more than silent follicles waiting to be snipped, but rather something powerful that can define us, brand us, and change us. It is a vessel of self-expression, and must be treated with respect, skill, and a serious splash of celebration.

At COV, we are dedicated to creating custom hair that works for you. Whether you’re working the 9-5, walking your poodle, or dancing through the tropics at midnight, wherever you take it, we want to make it right.

“ if you want ready-to-wear, bangin’ blow-dried hair that looks good 24/7 and is carefully crafted for you alone, then sydney folk should look no further than cov”