COV’s heart, body and fingers all came from Yoav. Founder, chief stylist and colourist extraordinaire, Yoav has been working with hair since he was a sixteen-year-old street kid from the South of France. He has managed to single handily create a hair nirvana, combining french funk and his own unique edge, in each and every one of his colours and cuts. For him, it’s about keeping stuff simple, just un-done enough, the magic lying in the details, creating quality hair all the time, with no bull!



Renowned hairstylist William Webb began his career at 17, earning accolades like the Hob Salon Young Talent Award in London. Moving to Brisbane in 2017, he won the hair expo QLD hairdresser of the year award. Currently a creative artist for R&CO, William’s signature style graces the pages of Vogue Portugal, Vogue Australia, Russh magazine, and other esteemed publications. Beyond professional acclaim, his passion and dedication define him as a sought-after personality in the fashion and hair world.

Georgie bolden

Senior Stylist

With a dynamic career in the hair industry beginning at the age of 15, Georgie has evolved from an assistant and apprentice to a skilled professional at COV, honing in on her craft for the past four years. Georgie’s extensive training at COV has fueled her passion: creating low-maintenance, natural-looking hair with enhanced colour that is built to last.

“I thrive on the daily interactions with a diverse range of clients, learning from their unique stories and experiences. Building and maintaining strong client relationships is at the heart of my approach, ensuring every client feels valued and leaves satisfied. My dedication to my craft and my clients is evident in the high-quality results I consistently deliver.”

Jean-phi nguyen

Senior Stylist

Newest addition to the cov team, JP - another Marseille native with killer technique with over 10 years experience. Trained up from the same french salon as COV’s director Yoav - expect big things. Loves a light feeling haircut and a balayage alongside men’s grooming. Buckle in fellas!


Emerging Stylist

Forever passionate about the beauty, film, and fashion industries, Bella began her career as a film makeup artist at the age of 18. After almost five years in the field, she decided to join COV and immerse herself in the hair industry.

Since then, Bella has completed a comprehensive fast-track training program, transitioning from an apprentice to a promising emerging stylist. As a nature and dance enthusiast, Bella’s style is characterised by smooth, flowing, and edgy haircuts and colours, reflecting her dynamic and creative spirit.

Bella’s dedication to develop her skills and natural edge will make her a standout in the industry.