About this Project
"Pure Essence? Ever felt it ripple through your hair?
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Concept • Photoshoot • COV HAIR

In our newest capture, we dived deep, not into pots of product or artifice, but into the very soul of authenticity. Hair, in its most primal form, unveiled and unaltered, became our muse.

No more camouflaging behind heaps of styling; this was about letting the authentic self shine. Accentuated only by the subtle artistry of makeup maven Isabella Frost, the enigmatic lens work of Rafael Lune, and the ethereal vision of videographer Lara Sol. Together, they painted a canvas of true beauty.

From gentle waves that whispered of ocean breezes to bold, fierce curls that roared of inner fire, every texture was celebrated. At COV, it was less about reinvention, and more about revelation. We gave hair a voice, and oh, did it sing!

Embracing natural essence, cherishing every coil, wave, and straight strand, we championed hair's own tales, unfolding and untold