Mosman Salon

About this Project
Under the guidance of Madeleine and Taylor from Coffeyhallett, COV Hair has undergone an invigorating metamorphosis that genuinely embodies its character and panache. The once prevalent marble and black motifs have been replaced by an alluring apple-blossom pink scheme, attracting both regulars and first-time visitors.
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Hair Salon • Shop • Mosman

Located in Mosman, Sydney, the proprietor, Yoav Cohen, sought a break from the typical clinical hair salon atmosphere. Answering a brief that highlighted "individuality, uniformity, and distinctive creativity," Coffeyhallett moved away from the usual steel-cushioned seats and dark furnishings, favoring sleek and modern styles.

Despite the demanding floor plan, the designers preserved the foundational layout, with a few tweaks. Acknowledging the salon's lively atmosphere, COV Hair opted for a pared-down design to facilitate smooth circulation. The classic marble counters and black wood finishes were replaced with pink and peach-hued cabinetry. Essential concrete areas, now painted pink, and pink tiles near the full-length mirrors enhance the "pink palace" ambiance. The building's facade, in a soft lemon shade, pairs beautifully with a terracotta pink tint, creating a playful pink-lemonade vibe.

In addition to the bold pink elements, the salon showcases contemporary and avant-garde details that mesh seamlessly into its overall design. Standout features encompass a shiny stainless-steel central table, mirrors with built-in storage for hair tools, and Plexi bubble chairs – a nod to Cohen's French lineage. The salon takes on a remarkable glow at night, its yellow facade casting warmth amid the contrasting white and grey backdrop, highlighted by touches of green. Building on its legacy, COV Hair, after a commendable nine-year run, looks set to propel its team to even greater heights. After all, when dealing with pink, there's always room for more!