Surry Hills Salon

About this Project
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Situated in the trendy Surry Hills area of Sydney, the salon, helmed by dynamic stylists Coffey & Hallett, offers an alternative to the conventional hairdressing experience. This project was driven by a vision of "eclectic chic, comfort, and understated elegance." Eschewing the predictable minimalist approach, the interior design of COV Hair embraces a warm and inviting aesthetic.

The challenging spatial constraints were skillfully navigated, maintaining the original footprint of a small corner shop. The salon's bustling energy is complemented by an open and airy design, ensuring effortless flow. Traditional black leather chairs and heavy drapes have been swapped out for a mix of transparent furniture and light, airy chains. The floors, once a stark concrete, are now adorned with patterned ceramic tiles in black tones.

The exterior of the building stands out with its art-déco, perfectly harmonizing with the rustic red and burnt black accents, reminiscent of a cozy autumn palette. Inside, the salon flaunts a blend of vintage and modern elements, seamlessly integrating into its design philosophy. Eye-catching features include a custom-made communal table, vintage-style lamps with USM shelves for hairstyling equipment, reflecting Yoav's passion for global cultures.