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Summer Photoshoot
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Photoshoot • Film • Hair Styling

Wave goodbye to the age of over-styled, over-produced hair. This shoot was about empowering the inherent beauty that already resides within. The magic touch? A little inspiration from the phenomenal Alex Ray on makeup, the enigmatic Leo Rivers capturing motion, and the ever-ethereal Jordan Wilde as our eye behind the glass.

We delved deep into the heart of individualism, from edgy pixie cuts to voluminous waves, from sleek cascades to naturally frizzed crowns. Each style, a narrative. Each strand, a story. At COV, we set the stage, but the real artists? They were the ones sitting in the chair, bringing their unique hair tales to life.

Hair, untouched and untamed, yet oozing elegance. It was a dance of nature and individuality, and we lived for every single moment of it.

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