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Autumn Photoshoot
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Photography • Film • Hair Styling

The raw edit? You may ask. What the truck is the raw edit?  

In our latest shoot we racked off poisonous products and pumped up styling, stripping things right back to their rawest, most natural selves.

Forget hair consumerism, we wanted to create hair that could be achieved by anyone, at any time, getting straight to the point, without any tricks. With the help of superfine Georgia Hull on makeup, visionary Charles Clément on video, and uber dream girl Claudia Smith behind the lens, we created real hair that was debaucherously delicate in its simplicity, with people choosing their cuts, and COV doing the rest.

Getting to work with a patchwork of diverse and delicious hair, from the snappiest shortest cuts, to curly bobs, to long wild manes, we celebrated the beauty of individuality in a big way.

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